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Silveres was developed and prepared by an enterprising mother in Turkey in 2018. Silveres silver breast cup, which is very popular among breastfeeding mothers in many countries of the world, is completely domestic production, therefore it has become the number one choice of breastfeeding mothers and expectant mothers.

As of 2020, it continues to support breastfeeding mothers and expectant mothers with the assurance of Wellfarma.

It has become a product that relieves my pain as a mother who has just given birth. Me and my baby are happier now.
I met this product thanks to a friend who knew my complaints and gifted it to me, and I recommend it to all breastfeeding mothers.
I tried many products on the market, but the product I was most satisfied with was definitely Silveres. The fact that it is domestically produced is also a good reason for you to choose it.
Silveres protective silver cups, which we continue to develop continuously with the interviews we have made with breastfeeding mothers and the feedback we receive from them, continue to be the choice of thousands of mothers every day. You will never be alone with our product, which is offered to your service as a completely domestic production with the efforts of an entreprising mother.
You are not alone!